The Blue-Chip Pools

Kyoko's initial Blue-Chip Pools will support NFTs from the following collections as collateral: BAYC、MAYC、CryptoPunks、Azuki、CLONE-X、Doodles

NFT collections supported in the Shared Pool can be promoted to Blue-Chip Pools

In Blue-Chip pools, your risks are as follow:

  • Smart contract issues with Kyoko

  • Systemic issues with the Blue-Chip NFT collections in this pool

As you can see, risks are different which might make this pool a better choice for you depending on what your concerns in the crypto sphere are.

Eligibility requirements

We will use the vote proposal to set up the blue chip NFT eligibility requirements through governance. When an NFT collection meets these requirements, it will be considered a potential blue chip NFT. And then DAO members can propose adding new blue chip NFTs as collateral on P2P NFT lending.

The following are the suggested eligibility requirements.

  1. The floor price is over a certain amount of ETH;

  2. The market cap is bigger than Floor Price * 10,000;

  3. The number of items is bigger than 5,000;

  4. The number of owners is bigger than 1,000;

  5. The all-time Trading Volume is more than a certain volume of ETH;

  6. The collection has been deployed for more than a certain number of days;

All-time Trading Volume: Total volume of NFT sales of the collection. Suspected wash trades excluded

NFT CollectionsFloor PriceAll-time Trading VolumeHolders


62.3 ETH

1.1M ETH



59 ETH

985K ETH



13 ETH

832K ETH



13.72 ETH

483K ETH


Clone X

2.97 ETH

383K ETH



2.89 ETH

276K ETH






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