Our staking model rewards long-term platform stakeholders through a time-weighted incentive for reward calculation. After the launch, all token holders (with the exception of locked tokens) are eligible to stake tokens within two different vaults:

  • KYOKO → Single-token staking pool. This pool will receive 20% of total liquidity mining rewards.

  • KYOKO/USDT LP Dual-token LP composed of 50% KYOKO and 50% USDT. This pool will receive 80% of total liquidity mining rewards.

When staking tokens, users can designate a certain lockup period, ranging from zero (flexible) to 52 weeks (locked). The longer period that KYOKO tokens are locked, the higher the respective share of the pool and, therefore, the higher rewards that a stake will return.

Below, users can understand a couple of examples of how this mechanism works. These examples are not exhaustive and solely meant to display the differences between locked and flexible for various lockup durations:

  • Staker 1: Does not lock the underlying tokens (flexible) and therefore gets a weight of 1

  • Staker 2: Locks KYOKO tokens for 6 months and therefore gets a weight of 1.5

  • Staker 3: Locks KYOKO tokens for 9 months and therefore gets a weight of 1.75

  • Staker 4: Locks KYOKO tokens for 12 months and therefore gets a weight of 2

1(standard weight) + x/12(where x is the amount of months locked) = time weighted ratio being used.

Initially, 10% of total KYOKO supply will be allocated as liquidity rewards. These 100,000,000 KYOKO tokens will be equally distributed and rewarded based upon the above calculation.

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