How to use Cross-Chain GameFi Assets Lending?

How to use Cross-chain GameFi Assets Lending?

At present, we have supported several game assets on Ethereum, polygon, BNB chain, etc. For details, you can check here. In addition, we define BNB chain as our main chain, other chains as game chains, and loan transactions are settled through USDT. We are also continuing to cooperate with more games to provide more services. If you want to support a specific game, you can give feedback on the market page. If you are a game project party, you can also contact us by email.

Step 1 — Open the Cross-chain GameFi Assets Lending portal

The first thing you need to do is enter the Cross-chain GameFi Assets Lending portal. This can be done by going to where you will be greeted with the "Analysis" page that shows some basic information and statistics about CCAL.

Please ensure that you only follow the official links in this article.

Step 2 — Connect your wallet

The next step is to connect your wallet. Simply click the "Launch App" button in the top right corner.

Here, you can choose from a number of options: MetaMask or other web3 wallets through WalletConnect.

Step 3 — Go to account page and rent Gamefi NFT

Only supported ERC-721 game assets will be displayed, submit more game assets click here, click the feedback entry in the middle of the page.

The GameFi NFTs will appear in "My NFTs > Leisure" of your account. If you want to make an order to rent your game asset NFT, you can click on the specific NFT you want to rent. Then customize the terms such as daily price, period, value and click "supply" buttom.

Then click "Yes" in the confirmation page.

After the transactions are confirmed ,you will successfully list your NFT. And click "Back" to go back to My NFTs page.

Step 4 — View your deposit NFT

Redirect to Account > My NFTs > Current, you can manager the NFTs that you lend or borrow.

You can click on the specific NFT to edit or withdraw.

Step 5 — Borrow Gamefi assets NFT

Tips: Currently BNB chain is the main chain, you must have enough USDT on BNB chain before borrow the game assets.

Enter the Market.

Click a game that you are interested in and you could see the assets in lending list.

Choose the NFT that you want to borrow, click it to enter the details page. It contains some information, including price, daily price, lending period, repay date which will be formatted to your local timezone), etc.

If your current network is not the main network (The main network is BNB Chain), the system will ask you to switch to the main network before you can borrow.

Click the "Borrow" button if you confirm the details and decide to rent this specifically NFT.

The system will ask you to approve the limitation of your wallet allocation that KYOKO can spent. But this transaction will not be triggered next time except your approved allocation is less than the NFT price. Once you agree on this term, you will get with the borrow transaction.

After you successfully received the GameFi NFT. You can enter the game and start your play to earn trip.

You can manage your NFTs in the Account > My NFTs > Current page. The list shows your borrowed NFTs and rent NFTs.

Step 6 — Repay Game assets NFT

Enter "My NFTs > Current " of your account. Choose the borrowed NFT that you want to repay. Make sure you will do repay before the deadline date. If you over the date, you will probably be liquidated.

Click the "Repay" button, the confirm page will show the borrowed details including interest and rental period.

If the borrowed NFT belongs to other network, which is different from the main net(BNB chain), you need to make a switch first.

After you complete the transactions, you can withdraw your tokens.

Go to "My Orders > Pending" page, you can withdraw your frozen tokens to your wallet.

Since cross-chain communication takes several minutes to complete, you may have to wait a while for this step to complete.

Step 7 — Withdraw the interest

If you are the owner of a NFT, you can withdraw your rent interest after the borrower return the NFT, you could check with your "My Orders > Pending" page.

This is the operational flow of all ccal businesses. If you want to know more, or encounter problems during use, please contact us through our official discord for more support.

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