1. Why do we need CCAL?

CCAL is needed in order to maximize the benefits of idle in-game assets. It also provides a platform to lower the cost of game entry for gamers and guilds through low cost in-game asset rentals.

2. Who will use CCAL?

Those who have idle in-game assets will use the CCAL platform to earn additional passive income. Additionally, gamers or guilds who lack the necessary in-game assets but desire to earn income through new games will borrow in-game assets through CCAL.

3. What will lenders and borrowers get?

Lenders receive interest payments based upon the interest rates and rental period as specified in the rental contract. Borrowers receive the in-game assets needed to play a game and earn income.

4. What if the borrower does not return the asset?

Should the borrower default and fail to return the asset, their initial cash deposit will be liquidated and sent directly to the lender.

5. At what rate will the borrower pay for the in-game assets?

Interest rates and other terms of rental are set by the lender.

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