Kyoko Improvement Proposal (KIP) may be created and submitted by any community member who has sufficient proposition power. Its recommended to start with an KRC to gather feedback on the governance forums, then move to a snapshot poll to reach rough consensus then finally move to the KIP phase.

1. Writing a KIP

The KIP number will be assigned by a KIP reviewer, and the KIP status should start at WIP (Work In Progress). The KIP should include all the relevant information as well as links to the forum discussion and snapshot vote.

2. Preparing the KIP for on-chain governance

Once the KIP pull request has been polished and reviewed, it becomes ready for on-chain governance. This requires the following technical steps:

  • The reviewed KIP is merged into the KIP repository.

  • The reviewed KIP is parsed and created in snapshot.

  • The payload is reviewed and sufficiently tested.

3. Submitting the KIP on snapshot vote

A community member with enough proposition power is now able to submit the KIP on snapshot vote.

Once a proposal has passed, changes will be implemented by Kyoko's protocol or operations team and signed by the multi-sig, if necessary.

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