KYOKO and/or veKYOKO is the governance token of Kyoko.Finance. Stakeholders who own the KYOKO and/or veKYOKO token will be eligible to vote on a series of strategic decisions in the Kyoko ecosystem, including the use of DAO Treasury funds, the selection of users eligible for credit loan whitelisting, etc.


The KYOKO token was created to decentralize the management and development of Kyoko's investments and platform.

Token Contract: 0x14a32f050FACF226Ec60882398A9BF36d91DBaC2

Supply: 1,000,000,000

More information about the KYOKO token can be found here.


veKYOKO tokens are obtained by staking KYOKO tokens. The longer the staking time, the higher the voting weight, and the staking time varies from one week to four years.

How does the Kyoko Governance work?

Stakeholders can vote to decide which DAOs or guilds can be on the whitelist of DAO2DAO Loans, and users who participate in voting will likely receive future DAOs or guilds token airdrops. At the same time, Kyoko's related ecological development and major decisions are mainly determined by the community's use of governance tokens.

There are initially two powers associated with each governance token:

  • The proposal power that gives access to creating and sustaining a proposal.

  • The voting power which is used to vote for or against existing proposals.

Governance Proposals

The steps for a successful governance proposal are:

  1. Create an Kyoko Request for Comments (KRC) to share on the forum and exchange with the community.

  2. Use the Kyoko Snapshot to gauge community sentiment and preferences.

  3. Prepare the Kyoko Improvement Proposal (KIP) based on the rough consensus gathered via snapshot and prepare the necessary payloads.

  4. Submit the KIP to the protocol for a governance vote.

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