Peer to Pool


The rest of the tutorial assumes that you have the basic understanding with ERC20 and Web3. If you are totally green hand to web3, it might not be the best idea to jump into a P2P as your first step - grasping the basic information at first is highly recommended.

How to use Peer to Pool?

Step1 Enter the P2P Market

The first thing you need to do is enter the Peer to Pool page. This can be done by going to where you will be greeted with some collections listed as following.
Please make sure that you only follow the official links in this article.
p2p entrance

Step2 Connect your wallet

The next step is to connect your wallet. After entering the Market page, the connect wallet page will automatically pop up or you can click the Launch App button in the top right side. Here, you can choose from a number of options: MetaMask or other web3 wallets through WalletConnect.
link to your walleD

Step3 Deposit your NFT

Make your Deposit

Click Account tab, select My NFT sub-tab and you will see all of your NFTs.
Choose the NFT that you want to deposit.
Then you will see the information including NFT Valuation, Period, and Interest rate, if you think it is suitable for you, you can click deposit bottom.
Then you will see a confirmation popup on the wallet.
After two transactions (Approve and Deposit) are confirmed, you successfully deposit your NFT.

Deposit your collections

Click Home tab, and select your NFT collection.
collection dashboard
Click Deposit button, you will see all of your series NFTs. Click the NFT that you want to deposit then click deposit.
deposit NFT
After two transactions (Approve and Deposit) are confirmed, you successfully deposit your NFT.

Step4 Replay and take your NFT back

Click the Account tab, select the My Loan sub-tab and you will see all of your deposited NFT.
My loan
Select the NFT loans that you want to repay, click Repay button.
repay window
Click confirm button after transactions (Repay) are confirmed, you successfully get your NFT back.

Step5 Liquidation

If your NFT is not repaid on time, your NFT will be liquidated. If someone else is overdue, you can also make a liquidation proposal of their NFT.
Click Home tab, select your NFT and get into the detailed page.
home Page
click the NFT that you want to start the liquidation. Then you could input the initial liquidated price(which should be higher than the automatically displayed number), and click liquidate button.
After the transaction (liquidate) is confirmed, you successfully start the liquidation process.

Step6 Auction NFT

When you are liquidated or find some NFTs are liquidated, you can participate the auction process. Go into the collection detail page, select the option on Auction. You will see auctioned NFTs, click the NFT and get into auction details page.
auction detail
Input your bid amount and click the Place Bid.
After the transaction (CREATE BID) is confirmed, you successfully make your bid. During the auction period, if your bid is higher than any other people, you will win the auction and get the NFT, you could claim it on this page.
claim NFT

Something Missing?

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