How to apply for D2D Credit Whitelist?


Welcome to the D2D loan on Kyoko. Through its DAO-to-DAO lending, Kyoko provides DAOs and Guilds with the liquidity they require to maintain operations while also allowing them to stake their onhand resources as collateral for larger credit loans. Kyoko also bridges high-potential DAOs and Guilds with the industry connections and resources they need to grow. With this goal, it is the responsibility of the Kyoko to act as a governance board to ensure quality and due diligence for the projects we support.

How to apply?

Please fill out the application form with valid information, Kyoko will review your project based on the provided information and evaluation system, if anything is found to be invalid or false, your project will not be considered for the D2D whitelist. After the initial review, we will share your application with the community to vote. Once your project passed these two rounds, you will be able to put on the whitelist and get access with credit loans.
Please contact the Kyoko team if you have anything urgent, or you want to get higher credits with collateralized loans. All project reviews will be carried out in order, Kyoko does not give privilege to any project for an easier review.

Step 1 Fill out the application form

First enter the application website and fill in the application and submit.

Step 2 Go on to the Evaluation Process

Wait for the result of evaluation system and community approval.

Step 3 Committee reassessed

After the approval of the community, your application will be directly transfer to the committee, committee will do the final approval mainly on the credit limit and other information.

Step 4 Get Credit Whitelist

If you pass, you will receive the email from Kyoko. Congratulations! You get the credits to develop the DAO/Guild now. You could log in the website with your wallet and start your D2D trip.
If the approval is not approved, you will get the following message. But it doesn't matter, you can contact with Kyoko team and reapply. Kyoko is always here for you!